Tuesday, April 14, 2020

More new posts, including some COVID-19 outcomes

Here are four more of my new posts on Physicians Weekly:

Long-term follow-up of antibiotics for appendicitis: Shocking but expected results. LINK

Barbecue grill brush bristles found in odd places. LINK

Mortality rate of COVID-19 patients on ventilators. LINK

CPR in COVID-19 patients has a low survival rate. LINK


Oldfoolrn said...

What a lovely little appendectomy incision in that first illustration. Mine looks like I was sliced open from stem to stern!

Skeptical Scalpel said...

Sorry about the delay in posting your comment. I'm getting about 30 spam posts for every legitimate comment. I have been neglecting monitoring the comments. I will try to do better. The incisions would be even smaller if it had been done laparoscopically.

Anonymous said...
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