Thursday, January 10, 2019

Should residency program directors look at applicants’ social media activity?

Please take a look at my new post on Physician's Weekly: My thoughts on whether residency program directors should review applicants' social media activity.


furrydoc said...

This is not something you'd want put on your office door with your real name and face next to it.


I think our system is very broken and revolves around money. I work in a hospital and I have met great med school graduates in the same boat.
Some of these people would be better doctors than existing licensed doctors that I have worked with.
If a support group forms the mission should be to address the problem to Congress and get a bill passed that allows Mrs to practice or at least be guaranteed a residency after all the hard work and devotion.
I hate to see so much injustice while everyone is collecting their money at the expense of innocent people that want to be caregivers.

Skeptical Scalpel said...

Unknown, just about everything revolves around money. I appreciate what you say and your intentions are good but it’s not that simple.

Guaranteeing a residency to everyone who graduates from any medical school is impossible. There are barely enough training positions now. No other occupation guarantees a job to everyone who wants one. Just ask a law school graduate.

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