Wednesday, August 30, 2017

New varieties of water offer health benefits, but don't deliver

What if you could get more oxygen into your system by a method other than breathing?

A company says its oxygenated water, containing O4, also known as “activated stabilized oxygen,” can do just that. When you drink Oxigen [notice the clever spelling], O4 supposedly is absorbed under your tongue and in your stomach.

An article about this wonderful product states, “These aren’t just claims, but actual scientific processes supported by studies on stabilized oxygen.” Due to the limitations of space on the Internet, references to the studies are not provided.

The product “contains 1000 ppm of bioavailable oxygen” which is said to be about 20 times as much as the oxygen in tap water. Stabilized oxygen supposedly helps the body clear lactate and is beneficial for hangovers.

Even if the oxygenated water contains extra dissolved oxygen, it isn’t going to do anything to help the body recover from any insult. Four years ago, I blogged about why breathing extra oxygen is not considered a performance-enhancing substance. It adds an almost negligible amount of delivered oxygen to the tissues and does not clear plasma lactate any faster than placebo. The same would be true of oxygen absorbed after drinking if that is even possible.

Let’s forget about oxygenating water. If you believe what another company says, maybe there’s a better type of water. "The living crystal water inside your body may be the key to ultimate hydration, better nutrient absorption, and longevity…"

It turns out water actually has four phases—liquid, solid, gas—and crystalline. You haven't heard about crystal water because the information has been suppressed by nefarious unknown entities for almost 100 years.

Yes, crystal water. A video on the website says that if you look at tap water under a microscope [don't try this at home], the molecules are disorganized, but water from natural sources forms crystals that look like hexagons. This hexagonal water "can transmit energetic information and influence DNA" [somehow]. It also boosts energy levels and accelerates cellular healing and nutrient uptake.

The pictures below show the difference between crystal water and regular water.
Click on figure to enlarge it.
Homeopaths say water can remember substances previously dissolved in it. Now we know water can also hear because if you talk nicely to it, it will form crystals.

Not convinced? Unlike activated stabilized oxygen, the science behind crystal water has been exhaustively studied. Here are the references.
How can you get this crystal water? It’s easy. You can buy the magic ingredients and a device that looks suspiciously like a blender for the low, low price of $719.00 and shipping is free.


frankbill said...

So where does tap water come from? Guess wells and lakes are not natural sources of water.

Skeptical Scalpel said...

Maybe workers at water treatment plants say nasty things like "You disgust me" to the water.

Korhomme said...

Also known as 'snake oil'...

I guess the fashion for diy (de)compression chambers to deliver more oxygen is so 20th century.

Skeptical Scalpel said...

People are still using hyperbaric oxygen to try to heal leg ulcers.

If you go to the Cochrane Reviews website (, you can search for reviews of HBO in other diseases. Not much evidence that it works.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. SkepScal,

Do you having something against Fools losing their money?

artiger said...

But the Vitalizer Plus is on sale! How can it not be a good value?

Where is the FDA when you need them?

Skeptical Scalpel said...

Anon, I am just amazed at how regulated medicine is, yet anyone can claim anything about special properties of water and no one says a word.

Artiger, I think the Vitalizer Plus could make a mean frozen Margarita.

Lady Anne said...

Oh, something about fools and their money comes to mind.

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