Monday, December 23, 2013

My top 7 most-viewed posts of 2013

Here they are in order from the most read.

An MD's thoughts on medical education A surgeon who became an anatomy teacher at a medical school has some controversial views on the role of PhDs as teachers of medical students. As of 12/23, this one has had 9,771 page views.

Is this the most bizarre bad doctor of all? A California cosmetic surgeon with many complications and other issues.

On the horrific story of a Texas neurosurgeon and why it could happen again A surgeon who had some spectacularly bad outcomes.

Pregnant woman dies after ovary removed instead of appendix Tragic story of a patient with appendicitis who had the wrong operation.

School or scam? St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants A persistent spammer annoys me so much that I retaliate.

Patient falls off OR table: System error or human error? How does a patient fall off an OR table during a case? It's hard to explain.

Surgeons behaving badly Three stories about surgeons who lost their way.

Thanks for reading.

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