Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Staying ahead of the news: Why you should follow Skeptical Scalpel

During the last three months, seven stories have appeared on major news or medical sites well after I had blogged about them. Here they are.

“Why Failing Med Students Don’t Get Failing Grades” was published in the New York Times on February 28, 2013. I blogged about this subject and why med school is like T-ball (everyone gets a trophy) on October 17, 2012. Links are here: Times/Me
On February 24, 2013 an article called “‘Bloodless’ Lung Transplants Offer Hint at Surgery’s Future” appeared in the New York Times. The need to reduce blood transfusions was the subject of a blog on February 4, 2013, 20 days earlier. Times/Me

The Wall Street Journal ran “Study Raises Doubts Over Robotic Surgery” on February 19, 2013 and on February 21, 2013, The Atlantic's version was “Robots taking a record number of human uteri.” They both discussed a paper appearing in JAMA that week on the failure of robotic hysterectomy to show improved outcomes for benign disease. I had published 15 blogs about the shortcomings of robotic surgery prior to that date. WSJ/Atlantic/My blog (Search “robot”)

Intensive care MDs: More white coats, fewer piercings preferred” was in the Los Angeles Times on February 19, 2013. I explained why I wear a white coat way back in July of 2012. Times/Me

New York Times wrote about declining law school admissions and fewer jobs for lawyers on January 30, 2013. I addressed these issues on January 7, 2013. Times/Me

In the January 23/30, 2013 issue of JAMA, an editorial the problems associated with using 30-day readmissions as a quality indicator. I dealt with this in early October of 2012. JAMA/Me

This one was at least close. Bill Keller's January 27, 2013 opinion piece in the New York Times on why pay-for-performance for doctors won't work was only three days behind my blog on the subject. Times/Me


artiger said...

Yes sir, you are most often ahead of the curve. Have you commented elsewhere on the proposed Fellowship in General Surgery, or Transition to Practice, or whatever it is called? I'd certainly like to hear your thoughts on that.

Skeptical Scalpel said...

Yes, I blogged about the new Transition to Practice Fellowship on General Surgery News. Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Even though you're not mentioned by name (yet) it must feel good to have your writings discovered by the big guys. I'm not surprised.
Royalties should be next though.


DD said...

You know what they say...'It ain't braggin, if you can back it up.'
Your selection of topics reflects a prescience about what is relevant or important in the medical/surgical arena. Pretty impressive. DD

Skeptical Scalpel said...

Thank you, Emily and DD.

I think it would be a bit presumptuous of me to think that anyone who wrote those stories had read my stuff or even heard of me. But it's OK if you do.

Blaughable said...

I'm merely a pre-med student (recently accepted, yay!) and have always found your blog posts insightful, intriguing, and relevant. Please keep them coming! Very few people take the time to share their expertise and opinion in the ways you do and as frequently.

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