Monday, September 17, 2012

Signs that the apocalypse is near. Part 2

I reviewed a few signs of the impending apocalypse in a previous blog. It looks like it will take many blogs to cover all the signs that keep appearing. Here we go.

Tech company Citrix released the results of a national survey which showed that 51% of Americans think that the weather can affect cloud computing.

A Swissair flight from Zurich to Beijing had to turn back when two passengers began to fight over a reclining seat. The men fought in the aisle, rolled around and cursed at each other. Why can’t we all just get along?

If you’re a man, it’s OK to walk around naked in San Francisco. However, what you cannot do is wear a ring (ahem) … down there, but only if someone complains about it. I haven’t been to San Francisco in quite a while and the photo (SFW) accompanying the article does not make me miss being there at all.

The Chief Diversity Officer at the State Department has issued an advisory which says that the use of phrases like “hold down the fort," “going Dutch” and “rule of thumb” are racially or culturally insensitive and should not be used.

In cooperation with the Discovery Channel, Harvard University, which made my first list because of its cheating scandal, is presenting a “media training boot camp for doctors.” The advertisement says, “This amazing 3-day event is only $1997 to attend.” I’ll pass.

A cheating scandal has rocked the world of competitive Scrabble. A contestant was caught with extra blank tiles. I’m not sure how he planned to use them since the game has only two and it would have been pretty obvious is he played a third one. I suppose the next thing will be doping in chess.

Professional image consultants charge $300 per hour to coach young women on what to wear and how to speak during college sorority rush week. The business is called “Rushbiddies.” The ABC news story has a happy ending as the woman featured in the story was accepted into Alpha Phi, which was her first choice.

A 2011 test of US eighth and twelfth graders reveals that only about 27% had proficient writing skills even if they had access to spell check. The problem is those who didn’t do well had poor organizational and grammar skills. According to the story, “In 2007, 33 percent of eighth grade students scored at the proficient level, which represents solid writing skills, as did 24 percent at grade 12.” The most recent test was done on computers while the 2007 students used things called pencils and paper.

A dance school in British Columbia is offering pole dancing classes to grade school children. If that's not bad enough, note that parents have enrolled children at $70 for an hour session. “The kids just love it,” said [the] president of the Canadian Pole Fitness Association, which is said to be holding championships in what it association president says is becoming a “sport.”


Jim Salwitz said...

We are in deep trouble.

Skeptical Scalpel said...

My sentiments exactly.

Anonymous said...

I do hope you meant NSFW ( not safe for work), I'm sorry but the link clearly wasn't SFW where I work...

Skeptical Scalpel said...

I apologize. I thought that since the photo was discreetly framed, it would not be considered offensive.

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