Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Robots attack America, but Canada not so much

As of December 2011, 1548 surgical robots have been sold and installed in the United States as opposed to 16 in Canada.

The estimated population of the U.S is 313,388,000 and for Canada, 34,764, 600.

Canada has a population that is 11.1% of the U.S. population but Canada has only about 1% as many robots. Or put another way, Canada has 1 surgical robot for every 97 robots in the U.S.

California’s population is 37,691,912, which is about 3 million more than the population of Canada, but California, with 114 robots, has seven times as many robots as Canada.

Here are some more numbers.

Price of the surgical robot: $1.0-2.3 million
Cost of instruments and accessories per procedure: $1300-2200
Annual service agreement: $100,000-170,000 per year.

As the saying goes, “You do the math.”

Data and figures available here.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you can´t use the MIM-104 Patriot anti-Robot system on the attacking Robots, especially as they are launched from a domestic base in California itself! Although I am not American myself, I can just say - reading these statistics - "God save America"!Once the Robots have enslaved your whole nation (God forbid!), you might consider re-opening the "Underground Railroad" to Canada again ?

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