Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The ultimate first-world problem: Twitter is slightly different on the computer, iPad & iPhone

Each platform has some advantages and disadvantages.

The standard computers, both PC and Apple, offer the full keyboard and obviously larger screen. It is easier to grab URLs and shorten links. Computers also include all interactions, not just mentions. But retweeting by copying someone else’s tweet and commenting on it is very cumbersome. The URLs do not copy with the “http://” and even the rest of the URL is omitted unless you copy the entire tweet including name and twitter handle of the tweeter.

The iPad lets you “Retweet” and “Quote Tweet.” Quote tweet reproduces the entire tweet with the full URL. You must delete the quotation marks after the tweet if they are directly next to the URL. But on the iPad, your “Mentions” are just that, mentions in tweets. Retweets of your stuff and other interactions like new followers are not listed. The iPad allows you to write a tweet and save it for later, a feature not available on a PC. But shortening a URL is a project that takes several steps because of the clunky way the iPad copies and pastes.

The iPhone lists all interactions, just like the PC and has “Quote Tweet” just like the iPad. It also permits writing a tweet and saving it for later. This feature is in a menu displayed by clicking “Cancel” instead of “Close” as is the case on the iPad. However like the iPad, the iPhone also makes shortening a URL a big deal.

There are other differences like the way profiles are displayed and direct messages are handled.

Is there some reason why there can’t be uniformity across all the devices?


Anonymous said...

Regarding tweets on the iPhone, I prefer the user interface of Tweetbot to that of the twitter app.

Skeptical Scalpel said...

Reviews say Tweetbot does not include new followers and RTs in the interactions. Is that true?

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