Monday, July 25, 2011

The “Dumbing Down” of the US Citizenry Thanks to Product Liability Litigation

Everyone has heard about those silly product warning labels that are made necessary by constant litigation. For example, here is one from a drain cleaner.

It says, “If you cannot read the directions, don’t use this product.” But if you can’t read, how do you know what it says?

Here is another one for you. We bought a pool toy that consists of several streamers that stand up in the pool. There is a weighted bottom with a buoyant top. (See photo below.) Children can swim around them under water or dive down and grab them. Sounds like fun, right? 

Of course it’s fun. But the manufacturer, Speedo, is taking no chances. On the bottom of each toy is this warning:

So, wait a minute. I shouldn’t throw something with a weight on it to a drowning person?

I happen to have a couple of extra bricks in my backyard. I am thinking all bricks should carry labels stating, “This is not a lifesaving device.”

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