Friday, November 12, 2010

Just how crazy are people?

[“Contrail” is short for “condensation trail,” which is a visible plume of water vapor or ice crystals formed by condensation created when the hot exhaust of a jet or rocket meets cold air at high altitudes.]

While researching the story of Mick West, the computer programmer who runs the website and who identified and explained in detail the November 8 “mystery missile” seen over Los Angeles (where else?) as an airliner contrail even providing the flight number, I discovered a rather incredible mass delusion.

It seems that numerous people think that the government is spraying chemicals into the air for nefarious purposes. The deluded ones see long-lasting contrails as what they call “chemtrails.” There is a website called which is filled with all manner of paranoid ramblings about this. For example, this gem from the FAQ section of the site describes the possible reasons for the government’s alleged activity:

Weather Modification
NASA is currently conducting several programs that are studying the effects of contrails on weather and the effects do not appear to be beneficial. [Truncated by me.]

Population Control
The use of chemical and biological agents by a government against it's own people is, unfortunately, a historical fact. Even unintentional accidents can occur. But, some people suggest that Chemtrails could actually be part of a program to reduce the population and many feel Chemtrails have caused them to become ill and perhaps they are right. If the Chemtrails contain biological agents then people already weakened by other factors may have even died as a result of the additional strain on their systems, but could such a diabolical purpose be the ultimate goal? History has taught that even the most unconscionable schemes can be made into reality by men filled with fear and hate, and with such weapons in the hands of government we must remain vigilant until answers are forthcoming.

Inoculation Program
Chemical and biological weapons have been used for centuries but have recently entered the world stage as a primary threat. Biological agents have the ability to spread and multiply in casualties. These bioweapons are easy to produce and difficult, but possible, to defend against. The recent actions of the military to require anthrax vaccines for all service personnel show that this matter is of high importance. Some propose that the government may be quietly releasing bioagents to vaccinate citizens via the air. This could account for reported illnesses since a vaccine sometimes makes a person sick. Municipal water supplies might not be universal enough and could be easily sampled and tested, but everyone breathes the air. And the federal government rules the air.

By my rough count, there are over 1500 registered users of the ChemtrailCentral website. Apparently these folks are allowed outside unsupervised and can vote. They also have access to Twitter. Just search "#chemtrail" on Twitter to read the current speculation that the government is spraying aluminum and barium or my favorite, that North Korea is spraying Ebola virus. Or you can Google "chemtrail" to find out more.

Sometimes the Internet makes me nervous.


Anonymous said...

Although late, I would like to comment on your "Mass Delusion" post.

No. There is no "mass delusion" on the parts of those that know the indicators of a missile launch. However, "mass delusion" of those that believe the opposite might be true. relies on Google Earth to prove its points. However, Google has numerous contracts with the U.S. Government, including both the CIA and Department of Defense. Both Google and the U.S. Government are not credible here because both have strong vested interests in proving that the November 8th event was not a missile launch. And, because relies so heavily on Google Earth, it looks and smells as if also has a similar vested interest.

I have worked for a major airline at LAX for 32 years. My work takes place in a large maintenance bay alongside the longest and most actively-used runway at LAX. During my lifetime, I have witnessed hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of jets taking off, along with their contrails under appropriate conditions. Under the right conditions, contrails evolve off of the tips of an aircraft's wings. Aircraft have TWO wings, not one; thus, if an aircraft was involved, there would be TWO contrails not ONE.

Moreover, no passenger aircraft would engage in such a steep angle of attack on departure out of LAX. And, no, single-engine military aircraft do not depart out of LAX.

Although I am employed at LAX, I commute to and from work from my home, situated near Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB). Since 1981 I have personally witnessed hundreds, if not thousands, of missile launches.

The one-contrail event of November 8 was a definitive missile launch. If conditions were right for aircraft contrails, one would have seen evidence of two THIN contrails, not one gigantic plume! Moreover, even the contrail pattern itself reflects that this was a missile launch. When missiles near their cruise altitude and thus alter their angle of attack,they always falsely "appear" as if they are slowing down or stopping. In reality, the missiles are merely leveling out. is a lovely site with wonderful, colorful pictures. However, the site's information on this particular issue appears to be nothing more than usual propaganda.

Skeptical Scalpel said...

Thanks for your interesting comments. Some contrails are from wing tips, others from engines, which are much closer to each other. That could produce a single contrail.

Here are some questions. If this was a missile launch, where was it fired from? If it was from a ship, why hasn't that been confirmed? In the era of Wikileaks and the fact that no one in the government or military can keep a secret for 10 minutes, why has no one come forward to say, "I was there. I saw the missile fired."? Why was the missile fired? The government fires missile from Vandenberg all the time. If they wanted to poison the atmosphere, why not just shoot it from there? Again, there must be hundreds of people involved in the atmosphere poisoning and yet not one person has come forward and said, "I have seen missiles loaded with airborne contraceptives."

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