Friday, January 8, 2016

Should I become a general surgeon?

One of the rewarding things about blogging is receiving many emails from high school, college, and medical students asking about general surgery as a career.

I try to answer every one of their specific questions and direct them to posts that I've written on the subject.

A recent inquiry stimulated me to review all of my posts and put most of the questions about becoming a general surgeon in one place. They are about 500 words each. I hope you enjoy them. Here they are.

Is the solo general surgeon a dying breed?

What is the future of open surgery?

In what specialties can a surgeon be autonomous?

An applicant worries about the future of general surgery

Will automation affect surgeons' skills?

Going to medical school and becoming a surgeon when you are older

A medical student from the UK discovers surgery and has questions

Is it possible to live a full life as a surgeon?

Choosing a medical specialty is difficult


Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping future surgeons choose. Nothing more than honesty, and that's what people need to see. I think they also need to understand that marriage and family is possible also, and under what guise that happens.

Skeptical Scalpel said...

Thanks for commenting and reading my blog.

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