Friday, January 8, 2016

Should I become a general surgeon?

One of the rewarding things about blogging is receiving many emails from high school, college, and medical students asking about general surgery as a career.

I try to answer every one of their specific questions and direct them to posts that I've written on the subject.

A recent inquiry stimulated me to review all of my posts and put most of the questions about becoming a general surgeon in one place. They are about 500 words each. I hope you enjoy them. Here they are.

Is the solo general surgeon a dying breed?

What is the future of open surgery?

In what specialties can a surgeon be autonomous?

An applicant worries about the future of general surgery

Will automation affect surgeons' skills?

Going to medical school and becoming a surgeon when you are older

A medical student from the UK discovers surgery and has questions

Is it possible to live a full life as a surgeon?

Choosing a medical specialty is difficult


Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping future surgeons choose. Nothing more than honesty, and that's what people need to see. I think they also need to understand that marriage and family is possible also, and under what guise that happens.

Skeptical Scalpel said...

Thanks for commenting and reading my blog.

Anonymous said...

Sir , I live in a third world country and I want to be a surgeon in USA. In our country there is a degree called M.B.B.S which is of 4 years of basic medical degree and then after completing that there is MD, FRCS ,FCPS etc degrees. I dont know the requirements of US medical school or college to complete my basic medical study there but USA is very expensive that's why I cant do that. My question is - After M.B.B.S can I study further in USA and have other high degrees and Finally become a surgeon? If Yes/No what should I do?

Skeptical Scalpel said...

You leave out some information that would better enable me to answer such as when you graduated from medical school, what school you attended, your age, and what you have been doing since you graduated.

I am not sure what you mean by "can I study further in the USA and have other high degrees." Other than an MD or PhD degree, there are no other high degrees.

A very detailed answer about what you can do with an MBBS degree can be found at this link:

Here is some information about the 2017 residency match

If you type "applicants" or "offshore" in the search field on this page (upper right), you will find a number of related posts.

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